ELANVEDA launches a new easy shopping program designed to reward loyal customers

In response to burgeoning sales and customer requests, ELANVEDA proudly launches the “Easy Shopping Program” for our valued customers


PRLog (Press Release)Nov. 19, 2013CALABASAS, Calif.ELANVEDA, a premier provider of Ayurvedic-inspired consumer Health in Action!products in the health and beauty industry continues to promote ways to mainstream the benefits of Ayurveda and a healthier lifestle by focusing on our customers. The company has placed finishing touches on a unique loyalty program designed to reward our customers for their support of our initiatives and goals.

Often, these types of programs are created as vehicles to separate the privileged few from the many. This is not the case with the ELANVEDA “Easy Shopping Program”. The program encourages adoption of new lifestyle enhancements and gained knowledge in order to become healthier and to live more productive lives. “For me, knowledge of alternative cures and adherence to the principles of Ayurveda are critical to my personal health and the growth of our company,” said Daniel Palmer, chief executive officer and founder of ELANVEDA, Inc. This program provides a method to enable our customers to access products and knowledge easily and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Building on the influence of Ayurvedic principles, a product mix backed by a 30 day guarantee, and execution of successful business practices, the ELANVEDA Easy Shopping Program is a breath of fresh air in the stale environment of alternative medicines. “From our research the health and beauty industry is beset with misinformation, biased propaganda, and lack of standards,” states Mr. Palmer. The consumer needs unbiased and concise information to make product choices and lifestyle change. ELANVEDA is dedicated to providing this data in the form of dependable content, quality products, partnerships with leading industry thinkers, and access to a wide variety of resources. To find out more about this program or to access information about Ayurveda, visit www.ELANVEDA.com (http://elanveda.com/>).


As a trusted alternative health and beauty brand,  ELANVEDA provides best-of-breed alternative solutions for everyday ailments, formulated using grown-in-the-wild, all-natural herbs and essential oils. Sourcing the finest materials available while manufacturing exclusively within the United States, all products are formulated in response to specific requirements of customers. ELANVEDA is partnered with Dr. Marc Halpern and the California College of Ayurveda to bring high quality products to market assuring the best formulas are offered. The company focuses on education and benefits derived from an Ayurveda-enhanced lifestyle while marketing consumer products that maintain balance and promote personal vitality. Please visit the website for more information at https://elanveda.com.